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WrestlingHavoc.RU >> Новости WWE >> Немного о Bad News Barrett и Daniel Bryan

Руководство WWE перестали рекламировать появление Bad News Barrett и Daniel Bryan на европейском туре в ноябре. Из этого следует вывод, что не успевают восстановиться после травм.

[28/08/14 13:44] - Makc the Butcher / версия для печати
#1 bigfatcat 28/08/14 - 15:27
Это все бороды виноваты, они нарушают аэродинамику и об них споткнуться можно.. от того и травмы.. срочно всех побрить..

#2 Eyre Bellamy 28/08/14 - 16:47
Ты представляешь себе, скажем, Харпера без бороды? Я - нет :)

#3 Makc the Butcher 28/08/14 - 16:50
Безвольный подбородок. :-)

#4 Eyre Bellamy 28/08/14 - 17:10
И горящие глаза :) Нет, стиль неандерталити - это все-таки выход из затруднительных положений :)

#5 bigfatcat 28/08/14 - 19:40
Про Семейку никто и не говорит ничего.. там все органично.. разговор про этих двух.. Баррет что без бороды бревно во всех отношениях, что с бородой, в его случае борода роли не играет вообще никакой.. а Браян с бородой, это вообще жуть.. он выглядит как небритый школьник, который хочет казаться брутальнее.. без бороды он этакий мальчик-одуванчик, который добился ибо трудоголик, а с бородой он мальчик-одуванчик который хочет казаться брутальным..

короче Семейку не трогаем
Браяну бороду - нах..
Баррета вместе с бородой нах..
или не.. лучше пересадить обе бороды Сине, а то совсем зае.. пусть будет бородатым..тем более что это в наше время в ВВЕ самый распространненый мощный сюжетный ход - бороду отрастить

#6 Ratso 28/08/14 - 22:28
Подбородок как подбородок http://www.classic-championship-wrestling.com/graphics/brodiepic4.jpg

Во времена моей молодошти, фше прилишные решлеры были патлатыми и бородатыми. )))

#7 Дуюноухуаэм? 29/08/14 - 15:56
Небритый школьник? Фига у вас там школы...

#8 Makс the Butcher 18/09/14 - 15:01
Не нравятся мои новости? вот вам - http://s28.postimg.org/pjrgdk4nx/makcthebutcher.jpg

#9 guoguo 20/10/14 - 11:18
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#10 angliaog 26/10/15 - 06:35
Librarians under infiltration

Scientologists don't have a sunday service.That like to say that they do, simply because crave mainstream acceptance.But in the event xenu rested after six days and l.Ron hubbard just forgot one it, there's no reason for scientologists to http://www.jione-ps.co.jp/info/900.html treat sunday any differently than alternate day of coursework, detoxes, fundraising, and usually clearing the planet.

So now at the voice, we've think up a scientology sunday tradition of our own, and stage system sunday funnies!Our sources systematically send us scientology's wacky and tacky fundraising mailers, and each week we choose those dreaded to gaze upon, hoping that it motivates you to wax eloquent in our comments section.So let's begin.

We started things out this week with a round of sunday funnies that included a blues brothers themed fundraising party nationwide.The ots from melbourne and sydney joined together and, after exchanging framed records, really shook their tail down.

Noah miller imagined the key inspiring force of the evening.

Donate now or we'll keep performing!

Brian culkin shared his own is afflicted with from similar gatherings.

I have been to many of those events as described in the anzo flyer during my short tenure in scientology.They were mentally painful, remarkably cheezy, and took on a sort of near begging.I can remember one specifically at boston where the two boston ed's had the target audience do a 'laughing exercise' in which the whole crowd was instructed to start laughing for no reason to 'lighten things up' and 'make a game out of it.' rigtht after the 'exercise' people started being hit up for donations.

And ivy mapother had a discussed http://www.amfibiemannen.se/?p=1977 that certificate swapping between melbourne and sydney orgs.

A point of distinction must made for all scientologists.Being honored as an"Honorary relief"Does not make you a real relief.

Stock exchange in the wee hours, we got news from our down under friends about the shocking news that the nsw public prosecutor had dropped charges against cchr president jan eastgate.The scientology executive had been charged with coaching an 11 year old girl in 1985 to lie to police about being sexually abused by her scientologist stepfather.But apparently the district attorney filed charges under a 1990 law, and as an alternative fix the error, in order to drop the case altogether.

Noah miller was once again first in and got to the point.

Legal loopholes and ball giving up, securing scientology since may 1950.

Ivy mapother figured eastgate must realize how blessed she was.

There's nothing a surprise, but still makes my heart ache and my stomach hurt.What a slap hard to the victim.The cops felt made use of?For being asked to review an ugly crime?In the, exactly it matter about"Politics"Reasons?Let the political figures answer for that, and focus on conducting a thorough scrutiny that produces a credible outcome.If the allegations have merit, criminal should pursue them, irwithout regard to"The keyReasons just the actual reason this is reason therefore, the"The crime was revealed.

Later that a.M, some other bombshell exploded:News broke that scientology had your heart set its lawsuit with debbie cook.Based on the final judgment entered at the bexar county court, scientology dropped its interest damages, cook and her hubby wayne baumgarten signed a new gag order, and the law suit is over, with pick up changing hands.

Ruben p.Believed as the legacy of this brief court battle.

I think very important legacy of this case will be the court transcript, with testimony under oath from debbie cook about her strategy, that is far more readily visible than damning testimony from prior court cases, with on account of the magic of the internet.But i think an essential legacy of the case will be the trail of documents captured on this site, specially the correspondence between mr.Jeffrey(Debbie's legal)And the scientology held on to law firm.Those mail, specifically mr.Jeffrey's requests for secretion and of topics to be covered in depositions, hinted strongly at a strategy that probably played a significant factor in the church's decision to settle he laid bare the church's tactics of intimidation of people active in the litigation and thus put into the public forum a strategy for exposing them as they happened.

Cofs exit zone summed some misconception this way.

The initial surprise for me was that she had a chance to file a counter suit before funds happened, specifically in light of how much insanity came out in the court room during the tro hearing.The church of scientology truly opened up pandora's box of ills relating to david miscavige's dictatorship of abuses when they filed this case.The counter suit had given me some hope we would at least see scientology scrambling to cover their butts with one or two pretrial motions getting handled in the public domain before a settlement was shared.But i guess it wasn't can be.Continue to debbie wayne, i hope it becomes clear that you did a great thing.I know you never meant for your email to become the fans shitstorm it did, but that alone helped much more cut the ties that bind them to this abusive organization.So for a, i for one thank you for what you have carried out.And i hope life is full of peace and happier times now that this http://www.jagfilms.com.au/?p=381 is behind you.

There was a lot of frustration expressed in please note, and broekerbroekerbroeker has captured it best.

I believe way that this settlement isn't a big upstat for cos.Companies shut debbie up.Absolutely absolutely, they lived with her original testimony, and no way to unring that bell.On the other hand cowed her into a broekeresque silence till the day she dies, and completely eradicated any momentum that the indies and reformers received in their attempt to uncover abuse within the sea org at least until the next defector speaks out.But even now, they've set a precedent you won't ever get an extra payoff for saying your piece, and you will be harassed and forced to ante up big for lawyers just to shut up per your original coerced agreement.And occasions that the videos of future"Severance documents"Will be even better stage managed to appear uncoerced forward motion.I guess miscavige doesn't have marty to lay down the law.He's wearing the fixer hat fine himself.And i hold no ill will towards debbie, equally as i hold no ill will toward broeker.Sooner or later, you are only hoping to leave the insanity behind.

When friday, we continued http://www.jagfilms.com.au/?p=380 to brows through the cook settlement, with expert the help of attorney scott pilutik.

Noah miller was once again first in this area and laid down this cogent analysis.

This seems to cover the same ground that we've been suffering through in the comments over last few days.Detailing why it sucks, showing utter frustration in the outcome and finally understanding she had to do what's best for her.She just lost her faith, completely.Which is too bad for her.She won't be able to employ with the church or with the indies.Though that's probably the best thing that could affect her.Still there are thousands of people who happens to be helped by this lawsuit, the publicity and the end result.It was a risk she could not take of course and while i wish she'd, i discover why she wouldn't.

Gerard plourde was especially necessary to other commenters who had legal questions, soon after which it had this summation.

Checking bright side, appreciate the fact a steady and increasingly complete disclosure of the church of scientology and all of its related entities.This means that avenues of revenue evermore!Constricted and shut down.People are realizing the connections between the church and wise, narconon, applied scholastics and ways to happiness.People who thought that scientology was just a weird but harmless religion that attracted minor fashion followers now know http://www.vidatoxargentina.com.ar/master-card-thelightroom-versus-visa/ about its dark underbelly.

Last but not least, i enjoyed this summing up by a commenter who seems to be a newcomer to our ranks, lizalegless.

It is sad in which door is closing, cook's insider info stop being to play a part in the slide of scientology.It doesn't seem possible to guess what might have come to light.While it is gratifying that debbie and her husband have ended the episode relatively unscathed.Happy hiking tracks, debbie and john.Don't forget to write if some goons take up residence at your door with cameras on their heads!

Haven't heard of the rest of you, but i'm reeling after a week that bounced from david love's stunning news to jan eastgate's dropped charges to debbie cook's negotiation.And up and down it, i had a lengthy project i was trying to wrestle to the ground which you'll be free to see when it hits the web tuesday evening!

#11 wxm 29/03/16 - 12:32
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