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WrestlingHavoc.RU >> Новости WWE >> Будущие турны WWE и причина депуша Сезаро

По сообщениям Cageside Seats, Долф Зигглер турнётся в хилы и победит Джона Сину на Hell In a Cell.

По информации Cageside Seats, причина депуша Сезаро в том, что Винс МакМэн считает его скучным.

Cageside Seats утверждают, что Саша Бэнкс может турнутся в фэйсы.


[17/10/15 17:46] - COOL'pin / версия для печати
#1 skramel 17/10/15 - 19:12
С конца в начало.
У Саши лицо как у пришельца.
Малаца, так гораздо лучше. #Heel
К слову, они могли бы убить двух зайцев. Если сделают сюжет, что Зиглер всё таки с этой Саммер Рэй тусит подпольно (какая же она страшная. Мне одному кажется, что из всех "див" за всё время, она самая стремная?), о чем узнает Лана. Весь скандал видит Русев. Пригревает из жалости и в память о былых успехах вместе Лану. Да так пригревает, что они помолвились. И Зиглер хил, и Лана с Русевым официально вместе. И чтобы не получилось, что Русев вроде как хил, можно обратно турнуть Лану в хилы, якобы вот вы какие американцы все блудные(а так как у школоты память короткая, как думают в HQ WWE, то никто не вспомнит, как Лана, фактически, тоже налево пошла к Зиглеру)

#2 skramel 17/10/15 - 19:16
Но это ВВЕ, а значит опять всё через задницу будет. А ведь такой ход. Вообще, ВВЕ любит деньги просто под носом не замечать. Как в свое время ушел Стив Остин. Мог быть матч между Остином и Леснером. Его хотели сделать на обычном шоу. Остин отказался, потому что он знал, какие это могут быть деньги, и хотел его на ППВ. Но за отказ ВВЕ стало его жестко чмырить, вот он и ушел. И таких историй миллионы. Ну, с цифрой загнул, но суть, думаю, понятна.

#3 Кабарда 17/10/15 - 23:14
Ну ты и клоун Винс.

#4 angliaog 19/10/15 - 10:27
Living an hour from the terrorist who killed my grandfather

Came shirdan, the canadian son of leon shirdan, an israeli killed by a enemy four decades ago, wrote suggestions http://www.purevolume.com/angliaog/posts tuesday upon news the killer, mahmoud mohammad issa mohammad, were deported from canada.

Each time a terrorism story surfaces bearing accruing death tolls, it brings to the counter an array of heartbreak.All of feel it.We all know the choked up pain at the top of our throats that is included with tears that have minds of their own.Generally grief.A wise man once said that when one individual dies, we all die somewhat.That little becomes a whole lot greater when that one person is your loved ones.

My parents, an definitive child, was sitting at home along with my nanny, taking note of the news on the radio.My mother was 15 at the moment, still over a dozen years away from being a mother.It was claimed that el al flight 253, aboeing 707en choice fromtel aviv, israel, tonew you are able to city, was attacked during a layover in athens by two members of the lebanese based militant operation liberation of palestine.

Really the only casualty, leon shirdan, was the mission titled.He was called a mechanic.That title was the glimmer of hope my mother was keeping.She knew he was not an auto mechanic, so she knew with hopeful certainty that your casualty could not have been him.My granny, with inner strength peculiar to her frail physique, rushed my mother to decide what to wear.She knew people is definitely at their doorstep at any minute.

By these kinds of week, my mother was back at school.In that week, countless letters from anywhere int he planet were received, one of these came from a couple who sat in that very same row as leon shirdan on the attacked http://angliaog.inube.com/blog plane.That letter recapitulated the moments before the tragedy.The couple's 5 yr old daughter, who was sitting by your window and next to leon, politely asked him to switch seats with her for the landing so she could be in a arm's reach of her parents.He happily need.Times later, the only bullet to take a life aboard issues the plane struck leon shirdan straight in the head, at an altitude good deal higher than the top of the little girl's head.

Relatedwhy did it take so long to deport palestinian enemy from canada, person's family asksafter 26 year fight, canada finally deports palestinian terrorist found guilty of attack on israeli plane

Leon came to be on march 10, 1918, the only child to one of the richest families in warsaw, belgium.Completed second world war, he moved to russia to study structures.Because war began, he combined the army, and was an officer up until the war's finale in 1945.During his expert services, he was severely wounded by a bullet that permeated his head through his forehead.As he lay within the sea of dead bodies, a turkic doctor saw his raising and deflating abdomen between the casualties, had taken him in, and set aside his life.

A romance blossomed and led to an involvement, but leon elected to go back to combat.Following the war, he came home to warsaw, only to find his parents had been killed and their wealth seized.His father was shot in your head and killed by the nazis, and his mother was deprived to death in the warsaw ghetto.By himself, leon immigrated to israel in explore safety.

He started the israeli navy.In 1952 he betrothed sonja, ne eisenstadt.Of 1953, hava shirdan, their only little girl and my mother, was given birth.Upon coming out http://www.freewebsite-service.com/angliaog/Blog.php from the army, he founded a company for civil marine industrial.

Sure enough, leon shirdan was not a reputable mechanic.He was a renowned marine engineer praised for the merit of his phd in the field and sent to new york to work as a harbour island specialist for the us.

It is the harshest reality http://www.kiwibox.com/angliaog/blog of growing up in a world where you are supposedly hated merely for who you are.You learn to just accept to it, after which it move on.

Wars are made by not being able to move on.We have not let what is happening bring our lives to a halt

Both my mother and grandma have, in their own personal ways.Their lives have always remained intertwined and even today my mother, 59, and nanny, 87, are still one another's shoulder to lean on.My grandma, always being previously rather antisocial, has refrained everything ranging taken within remarrying, having any great your friends and family, driving a car, and many of the other common behaviours that make many of us functional real people.Her lifetime in its entirety has revolved around us, her small beloved ones, and furnishing for us.My parents, however, is just about the epitome of an unorthodox parent.Her mindset, indisputably, is rooted in her experiences.When my mother came to be, she was frail and concerning verge of death.

It truly was six days after her 15th birthday that her father, my grandpa, provides assassinated.Perhaps her uncustomary way of life in the future has been triggered by that experience;Perhaps that have has only fortified a woman with inner strength that had yet to be discovered.

Grieving just about every day, to different degrees but still to this very day and normally in today's world, to the outdoors she has become the epitome of seizing life and loving living it.Next to 28, my mother became pregnant, only to be left by herself.She still elected in order to birth.Over by visiting 33, she became pregnant again, merely to see history reproducing.She still opted having another child as a single parent;Of child was me.Even today, she never married and not for lack of being planned to.Along with 44, without aid and out incentive, she elected to move to canada, use a better life for us.Life seemed to discovered a soothing sense of freshness and comfort.

That lasted the entire year, before we found out that the same murderous enemy from the 1968 shooting, mahmoud mohammad issa mohammad, has been a really enjoyable brantford, ont.Merely an hour's driving distance from our new home.

Good deal radio, television shows and print interviews, together with ongoing media coverage, have banned for us to pursue a life not haunted by the past.One defeated effort included the attempted and failed deportation of mohammad to algeria.For the past not too long, seeing no climb made and wanting a peaceful life, we have distanced ourselves from any media.Only involving social media, i have continually raised knowing of this terrorist evading punishment for 44 years, and finding refuge in canada over the past 26.

As family members, searching for grieved, we have appreciated, but we have experienced no sense of closure.Until wednesday.Way late but late better than never canada announced the deportation of this revolting excuse for a individual.It quickly became the best of gifts to both my mother and grandmother for mother day.What was yet another day instantly became deluged with emotions and an array of ambivalent feelings.My mother spent the day in its entirety at my grandma's nursing home, by her end.This closure we strove to attain was also that same pandora's box we dreaded opening.

My mother and granny, within scenes, were 15 and 43 from the start, reliving top horror of their lives.Quickly as more, a flood of calls and messages eased us straight to reality.Although this belated act of closure cannot bring back what this family has lost, leon shirdan endures through both of his grandsons, who in their own personal respective ways are replicas of who he once was.

As a child a little kid in a violent and terrorist plagued atmosphere, you adapt and learn to see reality among blacks and whites.Never!Greys, or at most only a couple of.Every day has the possibility to be the last, or the in order to something life changing.Having grown up from the age of zero knowing my grandfather had been an innocent casualty of a murderous terrorist has only reaffirmed that position.

I spent in a loving yet rather unorthodox home.The person i are getting, the education i have received and the ability to edify others based on knowledge have all come from living not in fear or in anger, but in wishing to inform others good trials we have undergone.All that i have become is testament to the unusual single parent who has raised me.

Wars are made by capable of move on.We have not let what is happening bring our lives to a halt.To the contrary, we have opened up our home to prospects of all races, ethnicities, made use of and creeds.We celebrate each single day, every day, and create occasions for win super league title when there are http://angliaog.lifeblog.com/ none.

Kingston open fire place:Crane operator saved from blazing inferno by daring heli-Copter rescue

Arrest and apparent strip search of indian consul in new york sees gay spouses of yank diplomats threatened in new delhi

#5 Cactus Cat 20/10/15 - 02:07
но вед по правде говоря как персонаж Сезаро действительно скучный...

#6 yll 19/04/16 - 12:26
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Эксклюзивное интервью с Виктором Зангиевым

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Результаты НФР «Опасная Зона» №104
Краткие результаты Чемпионата НФР «Опасная Зона» №104 - Уничтожение, который прошел 22 апреля 2017 года в Центре Культуры и Искусства «Авангард».
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Результаты NSW "Ультиматум" 2017
Результаты NSW "Ультиматум" 2017
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WWE Superstar Shakeup - обмен талантами
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НФР: "Опасная Зона" №104!
НФР: "Опасная Зона" №104!
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Новости TNA
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WWE WrestleMania 33

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Дрю МакИнтайр вернулся в WWE
Дрю МакИнтайр вернулся в WWE
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Краткие результаты NXT TakeOver: Orlando
Краткие результаты NXT TakeOver: Orlando
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Результаты НФР «Опасная Зона» №103
Результаты НФР «Опасная Зона» №103
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Мэтт Харди защитил свои права, Джефф Джарретт налаживает связи
Мэтт Харди защитил свои права, Джефф Джарретт налаживает связи
[29/03/17 22:13] - SB

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